Dog Tag Fellowship

I’ve been offered a fellowship to the 2017 cohort of Dog Tag Inc.!


Dog Tag Inc. Fellowship Program and Bakery in Washington DC supports the military to civilian workforce transition through the development of professional skills, knowledge and behaviors for success. The program begins July 5th!

Fellows like me gain experiential learning by participating in a working rotation through storefront and non-profit positions. We’ll learn every aspect of a small business, including operations, staff management, product creation, customer service, and marketing. Successful completion of the program includes a Certificate in Business Administration from Georgetown University.

I am so excited to be given the opportunity to study and network in our nation’s capital as I take steps to start my own small business. Read more about the program by clicking the button below!

Read about the Fellowship Program HERE.

Accepting this amazing offer means that I would commute between Durham, NC and Washington, D.C. four days a week from July to November. (!)  Please keep Laura, Rosemary, and me in your prayers, that our family may be strengthened in this time despite the strain this will place on our family. *Also pray that I find cheap lodging… 

The Chapter House sqA Bookish Dream

My experience at Dog Tag will be put to use helping me start a new business! The Chapter House will be a veteran-operated socially responsible used book store that cultivates thoughtful, caffeinated conversation about religion & politics somewhere in North Carolina…

Read The Chapter House pitch


An Experimentmartins-confections-001

During rotations in the bakery, I’ll be testing syrups for St Augustine’s Confections. Hella Piña was a big hit, so get ready for “Holy St. Basil.” Torani and Monin, watch out!


A  History

If it hadn’t been for Spoke’n Polite Co., these other ideas probably would never have taken shape. A new website I built explains why thoughtful conversation about religion & politics is so important.

Check it out at SpokenPolite.Co

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