Virtues of War Course

As I’m sure close readers of my blog are aware, I’m teaching an undergraduate course this Spring through the Political Science Department at Duke. Starting January 12th, you can follow along with the class by checking my website each week for new posts. All you have to do is visit the homepage and watch as lectures are posted online and linked in. Click the picture to head there now;


You can also participate remotely by leaving comments on individual lectures, which will be posted to my blog each week in advance of class sessions. Your help on social media spreading the hashtag #VirtuesOfWar would also be greatly appreciated. If you’re in Durham, you can even sit in on a class or two if you’re interested, just send me an email ahead of time and I’ll let my students know we have a guest.


Social Media: #VirtuesOfWar

I’ve been thinking about the material for this course for many years, and I am really excited about sharing it with you, with students at Duke, and in conversation with other veterans. This course is a part of my overall life’s work of creating a Martial Hermeneutic, which challenges anti-military bias and reduces shame felt by military communities. 


Long term, I hope to develop it into a print publication of some kind. You can help me do that by supporting my work on, where I will post my lectures before they even go live on my blog. Your gift goes a long way toward making my vocation sustainable and makes sure I am fully available to the soldiers to whom am called to support.

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