Summer is for Mulberries!

Memorial Day marks the start of summer and the weather is definitely warming up here in Durham. Laura and I have been feeling the burn because we bought a house and, just this weekend, we finished moving all our stuff from the old place to the new. Watch our ArtsyFartsyOC blog for updates, but rest assured the house is great and we can’t be more thrilled to finally be homeowners!

There’s a Mulberry tree near our old place that began to fruit right around the time we closed on the new house. Back in Scotland I learned to preserve Bramble, and for our wedding I picked every single Blackberry atop the cupcakes we served to guests. There is something about finding and sorting the ripe berries that I find immeasurably satisfying. So when I saw the local Mulberry tree fruiting one warm afternoon, I decided to gather a couple pounds to preserve.

IMG_0080If you pledge to support my writing on Patreon in the next few days, then I will ship a hand-packed jar of Mulberry preserves to your doorstep as a token of my appreciation. Laura and I don’t go through jams and preserves very quickly, so I thought sharing them with my friends and supporters would be a fun little treat.


What do you say, can I count on your support (and sweeten your day)?

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