All I Want for Christmas

My two front teeth! No, I have those (at least for now), but I do have a Christmas/Birthday request. For nearly eight years, I have been donating my labor to make Centurions Guild a reality–more than just a pet project. Given the three million, mostly Christian, veterans living with PTSD in the states, Centurions Guild has potential to grow and run full-time.

Previously, I could work for Centurions Guild without compensation because I had the GI Bill, but that has been exhausted with . I have not asked for birthday gifts for a long time, maybe because being a Christmas baby calloused me after years of hearing “this is your birthday AND Christmas gift.” But I do have a request this year, of my friends around the country (and the world).

Instead of presents, I am asking for an alternative gift–for friends to donate to Centurions Guild. Your gift will help the Guild keep doing all the things it has been doing as well as help us take the next step in growing into a full fledged ministry as a federally recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. Starting in January, I’ll be working with a student lawyer from Duke Law School to file the IRS form 1023. I want to be diligent about protecting the value of my work, experience, and education, including asking friends to support the ministry I feel called to do.

I can tell you about how much good Centurions Guild has done and is still doing. I can give you all the sob stories and success stories. They’ve certainly accumulated over the eight years I have been doing the things necessary to keep the Guild afloat. I’m making a direct ask because it is no longer sustainable for me to work for free.

Please consider helping the Guild be the best it can be by giving today. We have already raised 10% of our projected budget and have 90% to go. Even a tiny bit helps! Instead of purchasing coffee one morning a week, you can click here and support Christian soldiers and veterans.

Advent is a time of waiting, worrying; seeing all the things that the world throws at us and hoping for the best. There are so many people that the Guild can benefit, especially in light of the lack of veterans organizations with theological depth. I hope you will consider giving us the gift of making vocational dreams a reality, of making a dream of the nightmare that many soldiers and veterans face in the midst of so many wars around the world.

Thanks for considering and Merry Christmas!

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