Soldiers, or Saints? A Bible Study

SoldierSaint Study plain flatWhat:

A weekly Bible study focused on soldiers in the Old and New Testaments, including Joshua, Gideon (Judges 6-8), Pharaoh, King David, the Centurion of Great Faith (Matthew 8 & Luke 7), Cornelius (Acts 10), Julius (Acts 27), and others.


Our emphasis on people rather than passages flows out of our Mission of sharing stories of Christian soldiers. By focusing on individuals we can more readily situate ourselves in the story of salvation history the Bible describes.


St Joseph’s Episcopal Church, 1902 W. Main St. in Durham


Thursdays starting October 15th, for about eight weeks. A potluck style fellowship meal will start it off at 7pm, with discussion following at 7:30. Due to holidays, we may not necessarily meet every Thursday. Email Logan to get updates on specific dates.

**RSVP on the Guild’s Facebook events page or on Eventbrite, it will help them know how much food to prepare. The hat will be passed to offset costs and to support their work. Suggested donation is $10.

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