Through All The Plain | Benjamin John Peters

TATP frontI was honored to have been invited to read a manuscript by Benjamin John Peters, a former Marine and OIF combat veteran. His Through All The Plain is both moving and provocative, and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a reviewer. Wipf & Stock, his publisher, gave him the freedom to be quite forthright about the reality of combat and everything after, and it made for a valuable resource to those invested in war, peace, theology, and community. I cannot recommend his book enough, for fellow Christian soldiers and veterans, or their loved ones. It is available from the publisher’s website or your local bookstore.

I endorsed it by saying the following;

Benjamin John Peters writes as a possessed man, overcome not by demons, but by the divine, for he displays a wonderful knack for ordering the chaos that is war. Weaving story with scholarship, this book illumines the dark place that our veterans visit and is therefore a precious gift for congregations, communities, and classrooms alike. Take and read this seemingly bitter tome; its words will prove as sweet as honey on your lips, I know it has mine.

After I received my copy in the mail, I was flattered to learn my endorsement landed at the top spot (which, quite honestly, I do not know if that is significant at all). Check it out

Through All the Plain rear

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