#ForGodandcountry Reviews!

As I did with my first book, #Reborn4thJuly, I hope to compile reviews from my latest one, #ForGodandcountry. This is a way to recognize reviewers thoughtful reflections and interact just a bit with what’s being said about the book. The most substantial review thus far has been by Dana Cassell over at ERB Books. She gave a fair and incredibly thoughtful synopsis of the book that was so good that she said things I probably should have in my introduction!

One of my favorite lines of hers gives a look into my motivations for writing it in the first place;

If the church has something to say about violence, war, and military service, the only way it can speak with integrity is to engage deeply with the lives and the stories of those immersed in the systems of war we wish to critique.

You can click HERE to head to the website, or cut and paste the following URL into your browser; http://erb.kingdomnow.org/logan-mehl-laituri-for-god-and-country-feature-review. If you have seen one or are interested in writing one yourself, let me know! DM me on Twitter or leave a message in the comments section below!

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