Contributions: Huffington Post

Somehow I was magically added to the Blogging team at Huffington Post around the time my first book was getting ready to be published. I didn’t look the gift horse in the mouth. I’ve published a few blogs under their Religion heading and one under their College section;

  • Celebrating Martinmas on Veterans Day (Nov. 2013); The way we celebrate holy days and holidays matters, and we must be able to differentiate between our national identity and our religious convictions…
  • Veterans at Duke: Optimistic Face Masks Troubling Reality (Nov. 2013); The College entry, in which I expose some troubling observations and anecdotes about the way the arguably most prestigious university in the South treats “the next greatest generation.”
  • Sergeant Francis? (Oct. 2013); I reflect on the martial overtones in the venerated saint, and wonder if we are reading his story less than adequately.
  • How do You Vote? (Nov. 2012); I follow the logic first evidenced by the debate on Sojourners between Shane Claiborne and Bart Campolo, to vote or not to vote (as Christians)?
  • Reborn on the Fourth of July (Jul. 2012); A teaser for my first book, which was nonetheless original despite the overwhelming amount of writing I was doing at the time. It’s also the only article that had any comments, which is weird…

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