I hate Facebook. I love Facebook!

The recent changes to Facebook and the way they have generally been shifting their practices makes me want to start from scratch. When I began on Facebook way back in 2007, I thought I could use it to connect with the people I knew well in the real world. I denied friend requests of people, I told them, “Whose faces I had faced myself.” I was more candid and things I said there did not get automatically plugged into my Twitter profile, @lmehllaituri.

But times they are a changin’. Now  I hate Facebook. The Palo Alto, CA company seems insistent that their service is not to be used privately between friends of flesh and bone. To make their model sustainable, they sell our information thinking we want to hear about how to get ripped in three days (or whatever). They think that your “engagement pictures” album means you want advertisements sent to you about why you should honeymoon in Paris. I think it’s just creepy, but that’s not why I’ve switched accounts.

See, I thought I could maintain a distinction online between public and private. Twitter was public and Facebook was private (except for the Pages I administrate – Centurions Guild, Milites Christi, Duke Veterans, and an Author Page for myself). Those days are gone. Now I will assume Facebook updates will be shared with the world by default. No more inside jokes, no more rants about the insensitive stuff I hear about veterans (or Christians). Maybe if I had drunk pictures on there, I’d have made the switch earlier. No, now the profile that bears my name is for the whole world. Friend me all day long and I will confirm, confirm, confirm. I love Facebook!

Find me at http://www.facebook.com/lmehllaituri.

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