#Reborn4thJuly One Year Later: Callid Keefe-Perry

*Last week marked the one year anniversary of my first book, Reborn on the Fourth of July, being available in print. I have been posting and reflecting upon videos from the initial release.


Callid and I were both at the Wild Goose Festival last year, but our paths never crossed, unfortunately. He has these brief thoughts for the Church in reference to July Fourth;

Callid and I share a concern that Christians remember who and whose we are, to whom we owe all. He and I are both very aware of the gifts that America gives its citizens, like religious freedom, social mobility, and financial opportunity. Christians should be honest about the ways in which we benefit from living in this land of ours without becoming beholden to the systems that govern our land. The earth and all that is in it are the Lord’s, and it is to our savior, Jesus Christ, that we owe our most fundamental gratitude. America is a land of much wealth, but it can provide as well as corrupt. With Callid, I urge our brothers and sisters in Christ to remember our identity, our most basic and determinative characteristics as sons and daughters of God, who loves us in a way no nation could ever love us.

To read more about my journey from patriot to pacifist (and back again, kinda); check our Reborn on the Fourth of July: The Challenge of Faith, Patriotism, & Conscience

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