#Reborn4thJuly One Year Later: Lisa Sharon Harper

*This week marks one year of my first book, Reborn on the Fourth of July, being available in print. This week and into next I will be posting and reflecting upon videos from the initial release.


Lisa and I have crossed paths a few times at conferences and get togethers, but never spoken in person. The director of mobilizing at Sojourners, she had this to say to the Church on Independence Day;

Lisa wants to see the Church think more critically about the meaning of freedom, as do I. She draws from Genesis and notices that the fact that are given “dominion” over the animals of the earth is a key example, but we must take it in context. Dominion as the ability to make choices that impact our world is best understood as a way to reflect the nature of our creator; to serve our neighbors in love, just as God first loved us. Augustine, the early church theologian, went even further by saying that true freedom is the ability to love God fully. Loving God makes us more like his son, who is the epitome of humanity and who freely gave himself to us, even to the point of death on a cross. On this national holiday in particular, we need to remember what it means to be free to love this sacrificial God, to think through how to love those who yet yearn for freedom and whose independence is not yet secured.

To read more about my journey from patriot to pacifist (and back again, kinda); check our Reborn on the Fourth of July: The Challenge of Faith, Patriotism, & Conscience

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