Martin the Shepherd Icon Commentary

   I wrote the following commentary for an icon that Fr. Bill McNichols did some time ago of the patron saint of soldiers and chaplains; Martin, Bishop of Tours. Martin was reluctantly acclaimed bishop of Tours (in France) on July 4th, 370 CE. The townsfolk had led him into the city under the auspices of needing to have a sick man healed. When he reached the town center, the peasants proclaimed loudly and in one accord that he would be their bishop. Some other religious were present and muttered their doubts, but were scolded so harshly by the people that they raised no further objections.

Fr. Bill, accomplished iconographer in the Roman Catholic Church, asked me to write a short reflection on Martin so that he could transform the beautiful icon to the left into a prayer card for Christians hoping to learn more about this inspiring man of God. Below you can read what he and I came up with. You can order cards on his website;

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