Pentagon to Troops: accessing Wikileaks will be prosecutable

“I think of it as being analogous to MP3s or a copyrighted novel online — widespread publication doesn’t strip away laws governing use of those,” he writes. ”If Avatar were suddenly available online, would be legal to download it? As a practical matter, many people would download it, but also as a practical matter, James Cameron would probably go after people who were found to be nodes who facilitated distribution. It would still be illegal for people to make Avatar available even if it were posted on a torrent site or the equivalent.”

I think a glaring distinction must be made between a proprietary commercial item like Avatar and information that belongs to the American people.  Government does not OWN information, it manages it on our behalf.  Furthermore, if that information indicts the very government WE endow with certain privileges, that government does not retain the supposed right to withhold information (regardless if it decides to label it “Secret” or “Boo-boo-kitty-f*k”). Remember, people, sovereignty rests with US (we the…) not U.S.  When do service men and women stop being citizens, originators of the very sovereignty they protect?

More later…

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