Well, the check is in the mail, so it is as final a decision as I will make.  I’ve told my family, so now it’s your turn – I will officially be a Dukie MTS student this fall!  🙂

It was a long and difficult decision process, but the length and depth I went to make me positive that this decision is what is best.  The other schools I got into (Union, Yale) are both very good schools, but Duke has a sense of community and deliberateness about theology that is unsurpassed.  It also is in a less urban setting than the others, and I have some personal history in the area from when I was stationed at Ft. Bragg.  For those that are familiar with him, Professor Stanley Hauerwas has agreed to be my thesis advisor (my interests can be found HERE), which was also a big incentive, since he will be retiring in three years.

For all of you I called at all hours of the night in the last month or so, please accept my deepest gratitude.  Each of you had very insightful feedback and I commend you for your patience with my incessant questions and requests to just listen to me ramble.  I look forward to making the 6k mi. move, believe it or not, though I will miss Hawaii terribly.  As my summer takes shape, I will be sure to update folks, but July may be spent on the slow road to Durham, so that I may be able to meet up with some of my friends throughout the continental US.

On another note, I wanted to alert you to the recent Truth Commission on Conscience in War I participated in.  There is video HERE (but it doesn’t seem to work on Macs, only PCs), and I encourage you to watch it if you can.  My own testimony can be found HERE if the video link does not work for you.  Furthermore, if the content of the public hearing interests you, I encourage you to watch the documentary that inspired it, Soldiers of Conscience (it is on Netflix and and iTunes).

Finally, on a more disturbing note, those who have not yet should watch the recent leaked video of the deaths of two Reuters journalists HERE.  I rarely encourage people to watch such carnal displays of immoral and inexcusable acts of violence, but I also think that we as a society have become insulated from the reality of what our government conducts in our name through our unelected representatives; our men and women in uniform.  The clip is only 17 minutes, but it is a span you will not soon forget.  Once you are done, please also read my post on Sojourners blog God’s Politics as well as Josh Steiber’s interview on Democracy Now.  Then do something about what you saw.  I know I am…

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