An Embarrassment of Riches

I just realized I am about three months from realizing my decade-old dream of getting my bachelor’s degree.

I almost can’t believe I am about to finally finish it, after thinking and waiting and then finally working my ass off. I literally put my life on the line for an education. I know people who have died trying to get where I am now. That’s a daunting thought, one that doesn’t quite sit well with me somehow…

If my plans for the future pan out, many years from now, I hope to be putting my own education to good use by educating other young minds. I might someday be a second-generation educator, a living memorial to the sacrifices made by those who are no longer with us, and by my own parents, to get me where I am today.

I have been thinking about going home for the summer, since both my final two classes are only being offered online. When I started thinking about the logistics, I realized I really want to be home this summer. I want to be in my mom’s living room when I hit the ‘send’ button to turn in my last assignment. I want my diploma to be sent to her address and to look in my parents’ eyes as we open the envelope together to reveal the degree we all worked so hard to get my hands on.

There is nothing that has run so central to the last ten years of my life than has education. An insufficiency of words is all that bears witness to the gratitude that I have for the things God has given me, both the challenges and the charity. To think, ten years ago, that I would now be trying to decide between Duke and Yale is almost unimaginable. An embarrassment of riches is what I have to thank God and my family for.

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