Brief update

Well, it has been an amazing last several weeks as the Truth Commission on Conscience and War came and went, and then as I visited both Union Theological Seminary and Yale Divinity School.  I have been keeping mum on graduate schools stuff, since I have not made a final decision yet, but it will be a very hard task to choose between such amazing programs; MAR in Ethics from Yale, M.Div. from Union, or an MTS from Duke.

But I can throw out an update without going into those details!  There are so many more to talk about anyway…

First of all, my visit to Yale and Union were fun, and I took plenty of pictures.  The sets are both on my Flickr account:


New Haven –

The entire trip was just incredible.  Great theological conversations over awesome food and drinks with good company and new friends made it just unbelievably enjoyable.  The discussions on Monday, in the closed-door session of commissioners for the TCCW was really enlightening, and it made me realize just how much work must be done.  Be on the lookout for blogs of mine on Sojourners on topics of conscience and war, I have at least three solid articles in mind (which I will begin after my Arabic midterm tomorrow.  Also, the video from the public hearing has not been released yet, but as soon as it does, rest assured it will be posted here.

As for theological development, I have drafted a rough outline of the work I hope to do wherever I go for my master’s degree.  I would appreciate any feedback you might have if you are able to read it and get back to me;

This is not a thesis proposal per se, just the intellectual framework I hope to immerse myself in when I am studying.  The thesis itself will be formed in cooperation with whoever I study under (Professors Stanley Hauerwas [Duke] and Miroslav Volf [Yale] have both expressed a willingness to be that person), so ignore the formality of the term “proposal.”  The outline merely puts on paper the areas I am hoping to focus on.

Finally, you also might notice that my online ‘handle’ has changed (on Facebook and Twitter at least).  My blog will remain the same though.  In a recent email to friends and family, some folks asked me to explain the term “echthrophiliac.”  Readers of my blog might already recognize the term from an earlier post, but for those who haven’t, it is a combination of two Greek terms; echthroi (enemy) and philias (love or affection).  When philias is modified as philiac, it denotes a person with an abnormal attraction or tendency toward something.   An echthrophiliac is a lover of one’s enemies.  In our society, that can be construed as quite abnormal and possibly even subversive (I was labeled a traitor on account of my echthrophilia), which fits right in with my theology…

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