Truth Commission on Conscience In War Videos

The Truth Commission on Conscience in War (TCCW) represents the collective effort of over 70 organizations to legitimize selective conscientious objection as a preventative measure against moral injury amongst our nations service men and women.  Two major public hearings were held in 2010; the first in New York City’s Riverside Church on March 21st (roughly the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq in 2003), and the second at the National City Christian Church of Washington D.C. on November 11th in recognition of Veterans Day.  Below you will find a few videos related to the TCCW, but I also have compiled several related resources under the “Conscience in War” tab above.

Read my testimony HERE and my reflections a few days later HERE.

  • TCCW Trailer used to raise awareness of the events in New York City (Mar. 21, 2010) and Washington D.C. (Nov. 11, 2010)
  • Interview for Rethink Afghanistan recorded just prior to Martinmas (Nov. 11, 2010)

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