Coining a new term

I am officially coining a new term. Not copyrighted, just putting it out there for popular digestion.  I have been thinking a lot about languages, especially where English comes from.  I’ve been pretty interested in prefixes, suffixes, etc., so  I’m anxious to hear folks’ thoughts on this one.


The first person to guess closest to the meaning I intend  gets a pat on the back from yours truly…  🙂  Or better yet, a $10 iTunes Gift Card!  I’m serious.

Disclaimer: In order to collect the prize, I will need your email address.  Open only to individuals verifiably 18 years of age or older, void where prohibited, all that good stuff.  I am the only judge of my own intention (“closest to the meaning I intend”), so awarding the prize will be subjective by nature, sorry about that.  Once I get a few guesses that are close, I may have to decide which one of them fits most closely with my intent.  If there are multiple matching entries, the prize will have to be split (unless one of you want to forfeit your share).

4 thoughts on “Coining a new term

    • of course, there are many layers of meaning to each part, especially philia, which makes the coined term extra special by comparison to my English translation.

    • still in NYC. i’d absolutely LOVE to see you when you’re here next month! I read your most recent post about the truth commission and put two and two together that you’re going to be here 🙂

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