Coffee Drinkers Rejoice!

Last semester, in my Social Problems and Policy class, we were required to do a research paper on a drug of our choice. The professor had done extensive work in Hawaii and Mexico on the drug trade, and the implication was to do some kind of illicit narcotic. Being the addict that I am (and recognizing myself as such), I asked to do my paper on coffee/caffeine, since it is the only psycho-active drug that is in no way regulated at the federal or state level. You can read my full report HERE, just keep in mind that none of the stuff is original, but more of a review of existing research and data. In the end, caffeine, in the levels it is popularly consumed, may in fact have significant health benefits, though the research should in no way to be considered exhaustive…

3 thoughts on “Coffee Drinkers Rejoice!

    • No, the assignment focused on history, positive and negative effects, and opinion. This was a class that dealt with social problems primarily in the US, so it didn’t fit with the paper. “Black Gold,” the documentary, is a great film if you want to find out more about the suppliers of ‘the drug.’

  1. Right, fair enough. I know more than I want to about the coffee supply chain 😦 enough to not want to drink it ever again, yet I can’t quite bring myself to want to wean myself off it.

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