Just had to write something…

I haven’t been moved to write in a long time. Its drizzling in Manoa valley, and I just gulped down my regular mocha, so I’ve got time and energy to spare. This kind of weather is the stuff I really long for. Something about the Hawaiian humidity, coupled with the rainfall after dark…

Anyway, I have been slowly but surely settling into school, hindered by this whole GI Bill/VA debacle, but things are slowing down a bit, which is really nice. Despite the fact that I am taking 19 credit hours this semester, none of my classes are particularly difficult. I have been really lucky to be offered the opportunity to study full time without being totally dependent on a job, which I cautiously (and at times, regrettably) committed to this academic year. So my time is less restrictive, more stream-of-consciousness. Which can be good and bad.

Good in that I am less stressed about when I work, how to get there, etc. Bad in that I am a really organized person, so with that big hole in my schedule (that used to be fUpdateilled with work), if I am not diligent in budgeting my time, will remain just that – nothing. I take long naps, dawdle on the internet, you know – the important stuff! No, the real tragedy is that I am really getting an idea where God is pointing me long term, which I am fairly certain is academia. I want (as of now) to be a professor some day; focusing on theology, ethics, and maybe just a little bit pf philosophy. To that end, I have compiled a long Amazon wish list to accompany my extensive personal library (at least 75% of which I have yet to read), but with all the dawdling I am specializing in, I am not getting around to that reading! And I really want to; I just suck at committing to personal reading…

So anyway, maybe I put the laptop down and bury my head in a few books tonight. I hope to get pictures up of my new studio very soon. I finally got my Stafford Student loans (as temporary replacement GI Bill funds), so I was able to finally able to resurrect my long-dead camera (the charger to which I lost somewhere in the cornfields of Illinois). Camera is risen [indeed, it is risen!]

I’ll try to write more later, I just wanted to jot down some random thoughts and get myself back into the practice of committing some of my musings to pixels again, it has been so long since I felt capable of expressing myself holistically, and it feels good to be feel like I am jumping back in the saddle…

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