Quick Update

I just got back from an amazing gathering with the community of communities folks. We had less people than we expected, but it turned out to be maybe 30 or 40 representatives from Christian communities from across the United States. Other years have seen representatives from the UK and Canada as well, but it was a great time regardless of our numbers. We all camped out in the boondocks of Tennessee, at times in sweltering heat and at others kissed by a pleasant breezy atmosphere.

I am most pleased with my own fledgling community, Centurions Guild, since it was our first real strong showing, with a newsletter and some new members to show off. We are not like many other communities, in that we don’t enjoy geographic proximity or share a common space. Many others in the group were very intrigued by our unique vocation and vision, but all seemed to be incredibly inspired by our presence. We are only five strong right now, but we have been really energized by the gathering. Keep an eye on us in the next few months, we’re hoping to release a new-ish website and extend our breadth in order to be available to other service members and veterans.

The weekend was long and refreshing, just what I have needed this summer, considering all the school work and grad school preparation I have been plugging away at… I’m kind of surprised that I still have a bit of steam left heading into this fall semester, what with completing five classes over the course of this summer. I have been so busy with homework that I have been waking up at 6am for a week now to make sure my coursework gets completed and turned in on time while leaving me the time to hang out with the community folks and friends from Camden and Philly. It’s been tough juggling so much, but the reward is definitely worth the cost.

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