Duke Law

So, I left out a bit of my visit to Duke. I have been, for at least a few months now, interested in the prospect of dual degrees, especially in divinity or theology and law. People have said I am somewhat talented at debating, or at least finding the logical basis of arguments and offering unique perspectives. I am also interested in this whole American/Christian dichotomy, as well as the roots of both our country and the church (I’ve got kind of a “who are your founding fathers” theme going on).

When I get back to Hawai’i in a month or so, I will be trying to plug into a bit of intern work at a legal firm or something, to see if law is something I really have the stomach for. I first got into this stream of thought, actually, during my CO process. I found myself pretty excited about researching Army regulations, and interpreting them of course, and often defending my understanding of how the process was supposed to work. I then got involved in a few other applications, advising other service members about their rights and responsibilities. Additionally, as a result of some work I have done with them, I am convinced the GI Rights Hotline has a very good idea that needs to be developed and made more accessible (please give them all kinds of money and call them if you need military legal advice).

So anyway, I checked out Duke Law, which is rated #10 in the nation right now for law schools. I was pretty impressed. It even has a clinic of Veterans Rights and Environmental Law. If I do end up going to Duke, I would seriously consider, in my first year there, applying for a joint M.Div/JD dual program, giving me two major first professional degrees in use in our country today (the other being an MBA). Also, I would be able to practice law after passing the Bar exam, and Duke has an impressive 1st time passing rate. Even if I don’t get into the law school from Duke, I would probably audit a LOT of classes there (which would be free for other Duke graduate students). Anyway, I thought it was important to throw that in there for my Duke update.

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