Feral Seminarian

Well, tonight I leave for a several-months-long trip across the US. My mission will be to reconnect with friends and family primarily, but a huge part of it is to also develop my vision for where I want the rest of my life to lead. I feel incredibly empowered by a God who gives us free will and who nurtures our emotional and spiritual beings through both pleasure and pain. I don’t necessarily expect to be challenged over the summer, but I am thankful that in many conflicts I’ve had in the past have taught me something about myself and (usually) about the Divine.

Through the blessings of friends who have spoken some much-needed truth into my life, I have begun to really appreciate the mind God has gifted me with. It somehow only seems appropriate to honor that gift by enriching my mind through advanced education. It is for that reason that one of the aspects of my trip that I’m most excited about are my planned visits to seminaries and divinity schools at which I would like to pursue post-grad study. I won’t go into which ones or why right now, instead I will try to elaborate on each as my visit there draws near. There are a lot of programs I am interested, but they mostly revolve around theology (Master of Theological Studies, or an M.T.S.) or divinity (Master of Divinity, or M.Div). A few of the programs offer dual study, and the ones I’m looking at are in either social work (M.S.S.W.), or law (Juris Doctor, after which I could potentially take the Bar exam and be an attorney).

Over the next few months, I will be meeting with theologians, reading like crazy (if I can discipline myself to at least), and doing a lot of good old fashioned thinking and drinking (probably mostly caffeine, but maybe some good beer as well), probably my favorite thing in the world right now. If you find yourself in my path, get in touch with me so we can meet up for some mutual edification and discernment. My travels will be taking me to California, Ohio, and the Philadelphia metropolitan area (including Camden, depending on space availability). I will try to get a map up here somewhere in order to make it easier to track my whereabouts, so give me a few days…

In the meantime, enjoy my ramblings and wish me luck!

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