Love Wins

Encouraged by the original teachings of Jesus Christ, Logan Laturi is committed to the belief that love wins. “It’s about love. It’s the most difficult task we can undertake but it’s the most necessary. We’ve tried hatred, we’ve tried force and coercion. Now we need to try love.” When he began to question his involvement in war and violence in general, Logan consoled often in his girlfriend at the time’s father, also a Christian man. “He kept coming back to the statement ‘love wins.’” It made sense to Logan and it became his mantra in the largest transformation of his life. Before his second deployment, Logan filed for Conscientious Objector status but was denied. Instead the army gave him the title of “maladjusted.”

Photo and caption courtesy Jon Orlando

Jon took this picture during the Winter Soldier Hearings last March near DC. To read more about the hearings, and to check out my own and other vets’ testimony, go to He and I had a great conversation about the necessity of Love and how it has shaped my worldview. He has some amazing photography you should check out. This portrait and others will be made into posters and are available for purchase at his site.

3 thoughts on “Love Wins

  1. What gifted eyes your friend has. Take Orlando with you on your next project or mission trip. You Journal, he takes pictures.

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