Sorry about the absence…

i have been really crappy at posting on here for awhile. i recently was invited to blog occasionally on the Sojourners blog God’s Politics, which has been interesting, and i have also been prepping a few workshops on war and violence.

the first will be (if i can afford the travel fees) at the Christian Community Development Assoc.’s annual conference in st. louis in october titled “Militarism & Community; Embracing Wounded Warriors.” in it i hope to explain the emotional and spiritual struggle of faithful service members and how that often leads to estrangement and disillusionment, or worse, PTSD and psychological scarring and how communities of faith can help overcome that pain and begin to see their own complicity in systems that create such schisms in the human community as a whole.

the second workshop i am working on is with the alternative seminary in philadelphia with Will O’Brien (website coming soon), which is tentatively titled “Hermeneutics of War and Violence; Rediscovering peaceful themes throughout the Biblical narrative”. i am developing both workshops now and i will likely create bible studies out of them both and post them here.

for people still wondering about the possibility of book writing, i have been in touch with an editor at IVP and it looks optimistic. i should hear from them ‘officially’ around the end of this month. wish me luck! anyway, i will post those bible studies as they become available… thanks for being loyal readers and, better, friends.

– logan

One thought on “Sorry about the absence…

  1. hey logan,

    i’m a seminary student and i will be at the ccda conference in st. louis. i would love to go to your workshop. i live in copperas cove, tx next to Ft. Hood. i have been a committed pacifist for a long time and struggle with living in a military community. anyway, i really look forward to hopefully meeting you. blessings.

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