The Other

I feel your foul breath upon my neck
I hear the rasping, wheezing voice of doubt
You have no place but behind me
You will not keep me from my journey

You fancy yourself a ferocious lion
But I see a pale sickly mutt
Not a vicious dragon
But a slithering worm
Not a prowling shark
But a scampering minnow

You wander through your world searching for sympathizers
For anyone you might sway toward the side of deceit
Your daughters Sin and Death are your only companions
They alone give you solace

Sin; I must leave you, for I have found a more compassionate lover
You left me empty and alone, bitter and full of doubt
Death; though we met often in the past, I must say goodbye
I will not surrender to you the whereabouts of my friends
Or even my enemies

The Son has taken up His rightful place in my heart
There is no room left for you,
No place to sink your claws
No foothold for your armies

He has taken the breath out of your lungs
The roar out of your voice, the power you once held in your fingertips
He has stripped you naked and exposed your weakness

You may be the prince of this dark world,
But He is the King
It is to Him I pledge myself
Your promises are empty and corrupt
His are abundant and righteouse He

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