Ex-Girlfriend’s Letter to my Commander

To the Commander of Sgt. Logan Laituri:

Over the last several months, I have witnessed an amazing change take place in Logan’s life. He has become a man with a fiery heart for God, whose faith is as sure as it is uncompromising. His days are now consumed with reading books on Christianity, spending time in prayerful contemplation, attending Christian conferences, and networking with fellow believers. As his former girlfriend, I have seen how his faith in Jesus Christ has grown and encompassed every part of his life. It has grown so rapidly in fact, that our relationship could not keep up, and although we had been together for nearly a year, in a few short months his love for God surpassed his love for me.

We were moving in different directions. Although it was a difficult decision, he eventually realized that there was only one thing still hindering his faith, and to fully realize God’s calling on his life he would have to separate himself from that anchor. Through diligent seeking and earnest prayer he realized that God was calling him to something greater than our relationship, to something greater than me. We ended the relationship. His faith had survived man’s greatest temptation—woman! And now his faith is stronger than ever.

I believe that Logan is being called by God to love and to serve others. Though my faith is not nearly as fervent as Logan’s, I trust that God is working in his life, and I know for certain that he is ready and willing to serve his country, his fellow soldiers and also his enemies. He believes that change will not come about through more killing, but only through peace. He isn’t trying to neglect his duties—far from it. I remember him telling me in one conversation, that it would be his greatest privilege to be able to give his life for another person—soldier or enemy. He is eager to serve—he yearns for it—but he wants to uphold his duty to God and serve nonviolently. Thank you, and I appreciate your time in considering this issue.

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