Conscience in War

Near the end of my undergraduate studies, I found I had an intense interest in issues of conscience, likely grounded in my own history as a conscientious objector (CO).  As I got ready to complete graduate applications in theological programs around the country, I was invited to testify at a Truth Commission on Conscience in War in New York City.  I read the materials and became incredibly interested in the primary subject of the gathering: selective conscientious objection, or SCO.

As a CO applicant, I articulated why I was (and remain) committed to universal pacifism.  I have not been satisfied by some theologians’ attempts to reconcile the conduct of war with Christian faith.  Such theologies seem to be based more in logic than scripture, and maybe that satisfies the consciences of some Christians, but is has not mine.  It is my understanding that SCO is the result of the combination of logic and human nature, but it also happens to be Church teaching (AKA the doctrine of Just War).

This section of my blog is dedicated to issues of warfare and the deliberate individual exercise of conscience.  Here is where you can find links to things I have written or said about conscientious participation or objection to war.  It is my prayer that the world may know that when restraint is sown, its harvests are the first fruits of peace.  It is my hope that the meditations of my heart and mind might nourish others as they consider how best to respond to the call of the Prince of Peace and the Author of Love.