Under the banner of #TuesdayTitles, I suggest books that I enjoyed or think others might. Unfortunately, I am way behind on writing up the reviews. I host all my (obviously brilliant) commentary over at my Goodreads “Reviewed Shelf.” Technically, all the posts on this website are just embeds, but WordPress seems to play well with others just this once.

Check back on Tuesdays for new titles I’ve read and reviewed. Here are the ones I currently have posted (listed here in no particular order)…

  • Politics of Jesus by John H. Yoder
  • Letters From Abu Ghraib by Joshua Casteel
  • Sergeant York: His Own Life and War Diary by Tom Skeyhill
  • Just War as Christian Discipleship by Daniel Bell
  • Christian Attitudes to War & Peace by Roland Bainton
  • Christian Attitudes to War, Peace, & Revolution by John H. Yoder
  • The Purple Crown by Tripp York
  • Christian Witness to the State by John H. Yoder
  • Biography as Theology by James McClendon
  • What Would You Do If…?  by John H. Yoder
  • What It’s Like to Go To War by Karl Marlantes
  •  Faith and Feminism by Nicola Slee
  • Sexing the Body by Anne Fausto-Sterling

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