Christian Peace Witness for Iraq

Christian Peace Witness is an ecumenical, ad hoc group of partners who are called and committed to raising a Christian voice for peace and witness to the power of God’s Spirit.  The event was held at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C., including a memorial service and acts of civil disobedience (aka divine obedience). You can read my reflections from the event HERE.

Videos related to my participation in the Christian Peace Witness for Iraq (March 16, 2007):

  • Lector Reading for the ceremony in the National Cathedral
  • Guest speaking at New York Ave. Presbyterian Church

One thought on “Christian Peace Witness for Iraq

  1. Joshua’s speech at the Washington, DC Christian Peace Witness for Iraq (March 16, 2007) can be found in chapter 16 of “Blood Guilt: Christian Responses to America’s War on Terror” (New Covenant Press, 2011), page 238. For more details, see

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