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Ferus Theologica: Latin for “feral theology” (hence the URL of the blog), it is a reference to Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica, which means “summary of (or highest) theology.” In the same academic vein, I admire the work of Stan Goff, a self-described Feral Scholar, so I guess I’m throwing a few things into the pot. The title is a statement about how theology seems to have become domesticated, mainstreamed, and diluted. But the Bible depicts a God Who is wild and untamed, Who refuses to be restricted to a book (or a Temple), and I think our theology should reflect that ferocity.  On another level, I think that mainstream churches (not all, but some) have domesticated the Gospels in order to accomodate their flocks instead of challenge them.  An accommodated church preaches a cheap grace that belies the free gift of a wild God.  Our theology must be un-domesticated, un-tamed, in order to reflect more accurately the God we worship.

Favicon: That’s the little image to the left of the URL up top.  If you look closely, it appears to be a P superimposed on top of an X.  In Christian symbolism, the Chi Rho, as it is known, is one of the most politically charged christograms (a combination of letters that forms an abbreviation for the name Jesus Christ).  The Roman emperor Constantine saw this particular image in a dream the night before the Battle of Milvian Bridge in 312CE.  He took this dream to mean that he was to not merely allow for, but adopt, Christianity as a fully sanctioned civil religion, a view that was reinforced by his victory the next day.  That’s what John Howard Yoder refers to as the Constantinian Shift.  Theologians have been trying to wrest the Church from the arms of the state ever since.  Stanley Hauerwas has said that from this shift, Christians went from needing faith that God was in the world (because the powers that be were killing them), to needing faith that God was in the Church itself (because the Church began killing them).