I am Logan Martin Isaac: Author, Advocate, & Academic

(and addicted alliterator)

DSC_0599I am the AUTHOR of #Reborn4thJuly and #ForGodandcountry as well as a contributor of numerous articles and guest blog posts.

I am also an ADVOCATE, for soldiers and veterans in the Church through Centurions Guild, but also for martial communities and congregations more broadly as founder of Milites Christi and convener of After the Yellow Ribbon conference.

It happens that I am an ACADEMIC as well, with postgraduate theology degrees from Duke and the University of St. Andrews and teaching experience ranging from formal classroom settings to leading informal intensive workshops.

My favorite literary device is alliteration, but I also like palindromes. To answer the question my digital identity poses (I am Logan, am I?), I was born Logan Mehl-Laituri on Christmas Day in 1981. When I was confirmed into the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States, I took the name of my patron saint, Martin. When I got married, my partner and I took the name Isaac. We have been laughing together as one since the eve of Pentecost in 2014.

Although the internet insists that my domain is ORG, being neither a COMpany nor a NETwork, as an “organism” I fall under the domain Eukarya. But who’s splitting hairs?

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